Monday, April 9, 2007

First in

I've got tenants! Albeit, they're my friends and so that doesn't really count, but they are paying rent and so counts neener neener neener. :P ComradeX has taken over a cliff view and Ntropy is next to him. Mmm, I might have to designate plots since all of them have a 'cliff/ocean view.

It's been two weeks I think, since I started this and I still have to flesh out the covenant and finish a bit of landscaping. Things are looking nice. I am even finding some wildlife has moved in.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The story (some of it) behind my having a sim and not being this mega business/store owner/land baron.

I suck at beginning things so this blog is going to be no different. It'll smooth out after I become a bit more comfortable sharing things this way.

The idea to have a sim first came to me during the summer of 2006. My sister had one and I had a spot on it that I used to practice building on. I even built a house for myself and was really getting into adding extras in landscaping when she lowered the boom on me. She was going to them the whole sim into a gothic paradise...cracked earth, no sun, no trees, dark brooding castles, etc. My sunny little "tuscany reborn" plot just did not fit that theme so I had to Ibiza in Dreamland. not a bad place, rather nice actually. The neighbors I had were wonderful. I could build to my hearts content as long as I kept it in a mediterranean style. That fit what I was doing at the time so everything worked out fine.

I really thought I was satisfied for a long while. Then one of my neighbors started talking about buying a sim with her partner. And then another neighbor was doing the same(well, half a sim). The people on the other side of me sold their land and moved... suddenly my cute, quiet and friendly Ibiza was becoming home to people I didn't know and who did not speak to each other. I hated it.

After some encouragement and even more setbacks I was finally able to get one in December. Woot! And moved it catercornered from the best neighbor in the world, TerryAnn Antonelli! Double Woot Woot! My Christmas present to myself. I had not a clue what to do and so I vowed to start work on it after the holidays.

Eyeah, right.

Fast forward a few months. It's March and I finally had to give up on the idea of a whole sim devoted to me only and think about opening it up. I spent 3 weeks landscaping and working on buildings in the evenings, trying to come up with something I would want to live with and mostly trying to fit too much into one little sim. I wanted an underground maze with a little story behind it.. I wanted a Greek theme (I had just saw "300" Go see that movie. NOW lol). I wanted a Celtic theme (way too much time reading Tolkien and Lackey in grade school). That changed to a Celtic/Egyptian theme( yes I had met someone who was interested in all things Egyptian). I couldn't make up my mind and I was becoming frazzled and disenchanted with the whole thing.

I really just wanted someplace I could build all I wanted without having to worry about prim counts or ugly neighbors with revolving 'for sale' signs.

Sooo...I was speaking with Charron last night about this and he sent me a tp to join him at Linji Haven where he was looking at land to rent. It's a wonderful place that is owned by Ged Start reading that you and begin to understand where my mind went next. I'm so glad Charron told me about it and took me there . This is what much of what I wanted in a nutshell. What Ged has done and is doing, is sharing his idea of creating a community in sl.

And that is what I want. I want a grouping of like-minded people who have a creative bent, a community spirit and are just plain nice. Oh yeah, it would certainly help if they were a bit eclectic too, cause I am definitely quirky in my outlook on the world.